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One of my goals as your OKDHA President, is to provide support that will allow Oklahoma dental hygienists with more opportunities to embrace change as we grow in our professional lives. The objectives to meet this goal are to EDUCATE, INVOLVE, AND EMPOWER.

OKDHA provides many opportunities for FREE CE to ADHA/OKDHA members and low-cost CE to our potential members for professional development.  Aside from that, it is our social responsibility to educate policy makers, other healthcare providers and the public about the important role the dental hygienist plays in reducing harmful bacteria that contributes to so many chronic illnesses and diseases.

OKDHA provides possibilities for involvement in community outreach in public health and education.  Many of these instances also allow for continuing education credit for volunteering (A DOUBLE WIN!) Throughout the year, I want to encourage you to become involved in activities with OKDHA that will allow you to come into the arena where you can build relationships with fellow dental hygienists who can relate to your conditions at work and provide support as you navigate your career.

ADHA recently initiated a campaign to EMPOWER dental hygienists across the U.S. by teaming with Colgate to provide inspiring education with a trio of FREE CE webinars. From navigating change to staying empowered to generational awareness, the topics have been engaging and full of take-aways.

Agility and Adaptability Hacks in the Face of Change (1.5 CE)

Become An Empowered Hygienist & Explore Career Opportunities (1.5 CE)

Thriving Across Generations (1.5 CE)

The webinars were recorded and remain available on the website.  I encourage Oklahoma dental hygienists to celebrate Empowerment by watching the webinars.

Let us celebrate the profession of dental hygiene and the role we play in changing lives by identifying risk factors, assessing needs, and providing therapeutic bacteria-reducing oral health care for Oklahomans.

Thank you for the honor of being your OKDHA President 2022-2023
Tina Tuck, RDH, MHR

Greetings! As your 2022-2023 President of OKDHA, I am grateful for the opportunity to lead our professional association over the next year through empowering leadership and a collaborative approach. I look forward to developing the tools and space necessary to best serve our fellow hygienists and students and to maintain our role as public advocate and collaborator for the profession of dental hygiene in Oklahoma. Let us engage our peers through social media and other creative activities and work with our partners in the Oklahoma Dental Association, the Dental Hygiene Advisory Committee of the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry, and other oral health organizations in Oklahoma to address work-force concerns, promote dental hygienists in public health and revise the Rules and Regulations for Dental Hygienists. OKDHA leadership conducted a survey in 2019 for guidance in pursuing changes that Oklahoma dental hygienists want and need. We heard your voices and have taken steps to advocate for the changes indicated in the survey. I would like to challenge each of us, general members as well as members of the OKDHA Executive Board to be intentional with our desire to keep this journey in a forward motion, despite the challenges of declining membership and the continued impact of COVID. Let’s come together with the intention of actively participating in the committee work that will be required over the coming year, accepting the strategic direction and backing from our leadership team, and having fun and fellowship along the way. I am eager to support the process because I believe we can open doors for change and growth.

In closing, I have one request…..the next time you have the opportunity to actively recruit a fellow hygienist to join the association, communicate the value of our collective voice. We are stronger when we stand together. OKDHA will take a stance on key issues and represent dental hygiene’s best interest as dentistry continues to navigate staff shortages and work to generate solutions to ongoing workplace challenges while also striving to advance the practice of dental hygiene in Oklahoma.

I look forward to working with both our members and non-members to move our
collective voice forward into 2023. If you want to learn more about our
professional association and the benefits of membership, please ask! We would
love to have you join us on this journey!

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