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To My Fellow Professionals,

Hello Oral Health Professionals, my name is Laurie and I am President of the Oklahoma Dental Hygienists’ Association. As I prayerfully contemplated the upcoming year of service I kept returning to the knowledge that Dental Hygienists are Caregivers at heart. Advanced education, varied employment experience, activism and the heart to serve uniquely positioned the OK RDH to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. What a privilege to represent the Oklahoma Dental Hygiene community over the next year as we are “United to Serve” and are “Dedicated to Access” for all Oklahomans in their quest for Oral Health Equity.
Please know that I welcome your input and would love to invite you to meet and work alongside the OKDHA Board.


Laurie Humphrey, BS, RDH

OKDHA President 2020-2022

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